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Denise Thomason

Continuing Education Instructor, Database, Graphic Design, Microsoft Office

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Between taking pictures and being an advocate for animal rescue and adoption, Denise Thomason found the time to become a Master Microsoft Office Specialist and an Adobe Certified Expert.

Before JCCC, Denise spent 16 years at a computer training company teaching Microsoft and Adobe courses.

When Denise is not touring Italy or visiting the ancient city of Petra, she can be found at JCCC teaching Continuing Education courses. Denise brings her eagerness to expand students’ knowledge to her classroom while teaching a wide array of topics from Excel basics to Structured Query Language (SQL) Fundamentals to SharePoint. She treasures the opportunity to expand one’s knowledge to help them better perform their jobs or gain the confidence to look for better job opportunities. Part of what inspires her to teach is being able to help ease students’ fear of computer applications.

Away from the classroom, Denise enjoys traveling and macro photography. On Denise’s bucket list is the opportunity to have a longer conversation with Carrie Fisher, despite having met her briefly years ago.

  • “Denise had great pacing while teaching, and we were able to get a good footing on the material and walk away with a retained level of knowledge.”
  • “The course was very hands-on, and I feel that I retained information well versus other courses. Denise explained details excellently.”

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