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Bryan Harsh

Continuing Education Instructor, Networking

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Bryan is an instructor for the A+ and Network+ Certification courses and he can help prepare you for the CompTIA exams.

Bryan Harsh’s students speak for his knowledge, teaching, techniques, and work experience.

  • “Bryan is an excellent instructor- one of the best I’ve encountered”
  • “Bryan Harsh has been a wonderful instructor! I would highly recommend anyone to take his courses.”
  • “Bryan explained things in a much more simplistic way which helped me immensely. He also has a great ability to draw examples on the white board.”
  • “Mr. Harsh was very passionate about what he was teaching and that is what interested me to want to learn about the things he taught in this class. I’ve never really had a teacher like him before. The way he taught made me want to come back and keep learning. I’m glad I came here. He was a wonderful teacher.”

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