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Would you like to take classes online or in a classroom?

At JCCC you can choose a delivery method that accommodates your goals and your learning style.

Wondering which course delivery methods are right for you? Check out these short videos to learn more!

icon of a computer monitor with the words online courses
  • You are not required to come to campus OR attend online meetings held at specific times.
  • Course syllabus and other materials are provided online.
  • There will not be any on-site proctored exams; however, digital proctored exams may be required (fee may apply).
Icon of a computer next to a piece of paper and pencil
  • This is an online course with on-site exams.
  • You are required to come to a JCCC campus (or instructor approved testing location – fee may apply) for on-site proctored exams, which are the only scheduled on-site requirements.
  • Course syllabus and other materials are provided online.
  • When enrolling consult the course notes or the meeting pattern details for more information on exam dates.
icon of a computer monitor showing a video chat with the words online hybrid
  •  You are not required to come to campus for face-to-face sessions.
  • Course includes required live video sessions.
  • Attendance is required on specific days and times that the live video sessions take place as indicated in the meeting times and location in the class search.
  • Recorded sessions may or may not be available.
  • Course syllabus and other materials are provided online.
  • There will not be any on-site proctored exams; however, digital proctored exams may be required (fee may apply).
icon of a person at a computer
  •  You are required to attend some face-to-face meetings on campus.
  • Some of the required class meetings may be delivered as live video sessions.
  • Course syllabus and other materials are provided online.
  • There may be on-site proctored exams during the scheduled class meeting times. Digital proctored exams may be required (fee may apply).
icon teacher pointing at a blackboard
  • You are on campus for face-to-face lectures.
  • A face-to-face course may use computers, the internet or other electronic media in the classroom.
  • You may need to access additional online materials as part of your coursework.

Icon of an instructor in front of a white board with a student watchingYou are free to choose to participate in class through any mode and move between options as desired. Options include:

  • Face-to-Face instruction will be available at scheduled times on campus that you can attend.
  • Course will include live video sessions at scheduled times that you can attend.
  • Recorded instruction will be made available online.
  • Course syllabus and other materials are provided online.
  • You will have the option to complete coursework and testing either on-site or online.

Competency Based Education courses

CBE courses are online and self-paced. They can be customized to the students' needs. Students can test out of material they've already mastered and concentrate on the material they need to learn. Students must have an understanding of computer hardware, software applications and the Internet.


Internships provide experience to students for on-the-job training with cooperating businesses, agencies, and organizations. The number of hours for each internship varies

Learning Community

A learning community is an integration of the content of two or more courses in a learning community and graded as if taken as separate courses. You will earn credit hours for each individual course. Enrollment is required in each individual course and not in the LCOM section. 

Private Lessons

Private lessons are scheduled by arrangement with private music instructors.

Self-Paced Courses and Self-Paced Online

These courses allow a student to start or end a course at times that do not typically coincide with the traditional college class schedule.

The courses are designed for students who are highly motivated and good independent learners. The student and instructor will work together to agree upon a course schedule and self-paced agreement that, in some cases, may take up to one calendar year to complete. Some courses may use online delivery to facilitate the learning experience.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad opportunities are programs for which college credit is earned while studying in any one of more than 30 countries for a summer, semester or a year. For program requirements, please refer to the JCCC Study Abroad web pages. It is very important to meet with your academic adviser prior to studying abroad to see how the credits will apply to general education requirements and transfer schools.

Travel Courses

Travel Courses may require in-class activities as well as traveling to a destination. Students will be responsible for the cost of the travel as well as the course costs.

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