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Phyllis Mohr

Continuing Education Instructor, Introductory Computing, Microsoft Office

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Phyllis Mohr has been a Continuing Education instructor since 2012.

Outside of teaching for JCCC, Phyllis enjoys spending time with her husband, daughters and especially her granddaughter. She is frequently found cheering her granddaughter on at various sports activities. If you look to the sky, you could see Phyllis waving at you from a hot air balloon or whizzing by you on a zip line as she checks these things off her bucket list. Recently, she marked paragliding off the list! Phyllis also works part time with the county's food pantries.

Phyllis has the most fun teaching Introduction to Computers. "I love when people walk into the class very nervous, but then leave the class feeling more confident. I have been teaching since Windows 95 was introduced, so I often relate how things have changed throughout the years".

Besides Introduction to Computers, Phyllis also enables others to learn Microsoft Office software such as Excel, Outlook and Word. She has experience guiding new users through unfamiliar applications and programs by teaching introductory computing courses such as Introduction to the iPad and Introduction to Microsoft Office, which covers areas of Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Phyllis is also an excellent tutor and offers 1:1 opportunities to expand your knowledge of your computer or the Microsoft applications.

  • "Phyllis is great. She provides extra insights into the course topics, and is able to relate to user questions and confusion."
  • "Phyllis' teaching style is friendly and mellow. I never get embarrassed to ask a question in her class, and she makes everything enjoyable!"
  • "Phyllis made everything applicable to our specific needs."

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