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Jordan Svancara

Continuing Education Instructor, Networking

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Jordan Svancara teaches the latest cutting-edge technology courses for JCCC. She enjoys teaching at JCCC because the business professionals in class are curious and motivated.

Outside of the classroom Jordan occupies her time with video games, cross stitching, and making content for YouTube. She lives with her husband, six-month-old daughter Evangeline and a Great Pyrenees named Elsa.

I suppose we’d be happy if Jordan got to complete her bucket list: see the aroura borealis, visit every state, and be able to take a huge month-long, summer trip somewhere but then we’d be missing out on her sharing her knowledge in our classrooms!

Her impressive professional background includes receiving a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and being certified as an Azure Architect. In addition to teaching she works with the USDA as a software engineer and cloud solutions architect. At one point she was a Startup Technical Evangelist where she especially found it rewarding to empower local Kansas City entrepreneurs to grow their dreams and businesses. If she could have any job in the world, Jordan would be a reconstructive plastic surgeon. “If I could just wake up with all that knowledge and not go through 10+ years of schooling, that would be awesome.”

Jordan loves to research and go down the rabbit hole of information excavation. Being able to share those findings with others makes it so much more rewarding. Join her in class so you can learn from her love of learning.

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