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William Mitchell

Continuing Education Instructor, Microsoft Office

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William Mitchell gets more fulfillment from teaching than he did in his 9-5 job. “As a teacher, when I see that I’m helping people, especially 1-on-1, I feel a great deal of fulfillment emotionally,” said Mitchell.

Look for William in the Continuing Education department, teaching students the ins and outs of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

William brings humor and wit to his classes, he always says “a little of me goes a long way.” He has over 20 years of experience working with Microsoft Office products. When William was a Quality Assurance Engineer, he frequently worked with PowerPoint and Excel, and particularly enjoys teaching PowerPoint to see people’s creativity in action.

Outside of teaching William enjoys writing science fiction stories and short stories. His most recent novel published is Arks of Andromeda. If he could make a living off writing he would dedicate his time to writing full time. Meeting William Shakespeare is tops on his bucket list because of his humor, intrigue, and action.

William and his wife have two cats, Max and Molly. Join William in class so you can hear what the characters in Arks of Andromeda are up to and learn about the ways of Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

  • “William was clear and precise.”
  • “William has a ‘love my job’ attitude.”
  • “William was very helpful.”

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