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Bethany Spilde

Continuing Education Instructor, Digital Marketing

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Bethany Spilde is a social media visionary with 10+ years of experience working in the social media marketing field.

Being able to make a positive difference in a student's life is what inspires Bethany to teach. She loves providing experiences which help students focus on growing their strengths and dreams for the future. She enjoys always seeing the positive potential in every student and situation.

Currently she lends her talent teaching social media marketing, email marketing. Her education accomplishments include a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis on marketing. She is a certified personal branding coach and analyst along with being Hootsuite certified.

Some fun facts about Bethany include achieving a childhood dream of playing professional volleyball in France and recently going into business with her best friend. She has already traveled to Israel, Dominican Republic, Mexico, France, Switzerland, Prague, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Czech Republic, Canada, Brazil, England. She is a Certified Social + Emotional Intelligence Coach. Besides teaching, Bethany enjoys working out, reading and writing. In fact, Bethany hopes to soon add “author” to her impressive accomplishments.