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Experience the quality and engagement of JCCC Workforce Development & Continuing Education with ED Talks — FREE instructor-led online courses that focus on professional and personal topics.

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Just Like CE Courses, ED Talks Cover a Variety of Subjects

Subject matter experts teach our ED Talks. These instructors bring expertise in both professional and personal topics — from business tips to travel to history and everything in between. Continue or renew your love for learning with ED Talks!

Watch ED Talks by Topic

To see recordings of all of the past ED Talks, visit playlist on the JCCC YouTube Channel.

JCCC CE Covers a Variety of Subjects With Live Online and Self-Paced Options

With hundreds of courses in a variety of formats in just about every subject area, JCCC Continuing Education can help you gain a new skill, pivot your career or just learn something new. You’re sure to find a course that meets your needs or piques your interests.

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Business Leadership

Gain new skills in Accounting, Project Management and more!

Business Skills courses

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Digital Marketing

Polish your skills or gain new ones!

Digital Marketing courses

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Healthcare Career Programs

Start a career in healthcare.

Healthcare Careers courses

Check out all of the course options CE has to offer. Browse all courses