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Travis Foster

Continuing Education Instructor, Digital Marketing

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  • I will likely take this instructor's Google Analytics course as he presented good information and distilled it down for practical application."
  • "The instructor provided current information - including revising or clarifying the information provided in the textbook. Travis also supplied us with current web resources and emailed us class notes for future use. This was very helpful."
  • "The class was small enough Travis was able to fit the class to meet everyone's needs and personalize it. It didn't feel like I was sitting through an 8 hour lecture but more like a consultation on how to improve my skills and my business. Travis also made himself a resource by offering his email so he can continue to educate us if we have questions in the future."
  • "Travis is a great instructor, very knowledgeable and can always answer my questions. Easy to follow along and using examples on his website and the web were very helpful."
  • "Travis was very well informed and engaging. Easy to understand.

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Digital Marketing