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Dan Guinn

Continuing Education Instructor, Database, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Microsoft Office, Programming, Web

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Eleven years ago, there was a chance Dan Guinn wouldn’t have been a Continuing Education instructor today.

He, his friend and their sons were in the Colorado back country, lost above 10,000 feet for 2 days while hiking! Happily, they made it out safely. After an overnight ranger station stay, helicopter fly-out, and recovery from altitude sickness, Dan lives in full appreciation of life, faith, and his family. Fast forward to now, and you’ll find Dan behind the podium as a member of our Continuing Education family as an instructor!

Dan’s favorite course to teach is either Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3, or Introduction to Web Development, both from our Web category. “I have found that people often see the web as somewhat mysterious and far removed from their understanding. It is fun to see how they respond to peeling back the curtain. Seeing the lights come on is one of my favorite things!”

“I love to share knowledge almost as much as I love to learn. Teaching not only provides that outlet to share, but every time I teach, I learn something myself,” says Dan. Come on out to JCCC and learn from Dan while he learns through you.

  • “Dan did a great job of conveying different areas of information.”
  • “I like the expertise and interest from Dan to help you with your unique needs on Excel.”
  • “Dan is definitely a subject matter expert!”

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Database   Digital Marketing   Graphic Design

Microsoft Office   Programming   Web