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Brad Snyder

Continuing Education Instructor, Microsoft Office

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Whether you are new or experienced in Microsoft Excel or Access, Brad Snyder can expand your skillset.

Brad has an extensive background using Microsoft Office products, has an MBA in Technology Management, and is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt. Not sure what a Sigma Six Black belt is? Come take a computer technology course with him and ask him about the courses he teaches for the Business and Leadership continuing education department.

Brad enjoys teaching students because he loves seeing the “ah-ha” moments of when a student finally “gets it.”

Outside of teaching, Brad enjoys spending his time in the wilderness. He recently bought a home in New Mexico. Before Brad realized his dream of teaching, he wanted to be a Forest Ranger, and he is happy to be reuniting with the great outdoors. He truly does love teaching for JCCC and is looking into ways of still being able to teach students from afar.

  • “Brad was very knowledgeable and very nice, kind, and patient”
  • “Brad took the time to ask if anyone had specific examples or applications they wanted covered”

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Microsoft Office