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  1. Log-in to MyFinances using your MyJCCC username and password
  2. Click on the My Account menu (underneath the JCCC logo)
  3. Select ‘Account Activity’
  4. Select the applicable term

Statements reflect account activity as of the statement date. They do not reflect activity (payments, adds/drops, financial aid, etc.) that happens after the statement date. Please call or email the Bursar’s Office if you need an updated statement.

MyFinances will always reflect your most up-to-date balance.

No, we do not charge a fee for paying online with a credit card.

Most savings plans will submit payment directly to the College.  You can submit a copy of your statement to your 529 or savings plan provider.  Please request that they include your student ID number and name on the check, so it may be properly credited to your account. 

Payments should be mailed to:

Bursar's Office, SC 113, Box 3
12345 College Blvd
Overland Park, KS 66210

Yes, we do offer payment plans. They do require a payment method (credit card or bank account) as payments are processed automatically on each due date. Please refer to our Payment Plans for Credit Students page for payment dates and instructions on how to sign-up. 

Payment plans are available the first day of registration each semester. 

If you need a payment plan for a prior balance, please call or email the Bursar’s Office to see if a payment plan is available.
No, payment plans recalculate every morning to account for any additional enrollment or dropped classes.  You will receive an email notification when your installment amounts change.

Please make your payment as soon as you can by logging into MyFinances to pay online or visit the Bursar’s Office in SC 113 to pay in person.

Prior to the payment date, please log-in to MyFinances and follow these steps:

  1. Select Payment Profile in the ‘My Profile Setup’ menu
  2. Add your new credit/debit card or bank account information
  3. Click on the Payment Plans menu (underneath the JCCC logo)
  4. Click on update all methods
  5. Select your new payment method and click save

Scheduled payments are listed on the homepage of MyFinances and will indicate the payment method associated and the scheduled date.

Please refer to the drop deadlines page. If the class is not dropped within the established refund period, no refund will be issued.

Generally, refunds for each semester begin after the last day to drop a full-semester course and receive a 100% refund.  After that date has passed, we process refunds Monday through Thursday each week. 

If you have paid by credit card, we will attempt to refund to the original card used. If we are not able to refund to the original card used, the refund may be issued as a check or direct deposit refund.

If you have paid by cash or check, we will issue a refund via direct deposit or via check mailed to the address on file. 

We do not provide cash refunds.

Please verify your current address under your student profile in MyJCCC.  If the address is incorrect, please submit a change of address form.  Please contact the Bursar’s Office after you have verified your address information, so we can begin the stop payment process.
  1. Log in to MyFinances
  2. Click on Electronic Refunds in the right-hand ‘My Profile Setup’ menu
  3. Click on Set Up Account
  4. Enter your bank's routing number, account number, address information, and a name for the refund profile. Click continue and acknowledge the ACH agreement.
*Please note you cannot use your debit card number to sign up for direct deposit.  If you do not know your bank's routing number or your account number, please contact your bank or call the number on the back of your debit card.

Once we have processed a direct deposit refund for you, an email is automatically sent to your student email address.  It generally takes 3-5 business days from receipt of that email for the refund to be deposited into your bank account.  *Please note business days do not include Saturday and Sunday.

If it has been longer than 3-5 business days and you still have not received your refund, please call or email the Bursar’s Office.