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When you become a JCCC student, you take on financial responsibilities as outlined in JCCC policies.

Student Obligation

By registering for classes at Johnson County Community College (JCCC), you agree to assume financial responsibility for all charges billed to your student account including, but not limited to, tuition, course fees, books, Children’s Center fees, health insurance, returned checks, parking and library fines, and non-returned or damaged lab items or rental textbooks (hereafter referred to separately and collectively as “Student Obligations”). You understand JCCC is advancing value to you in the form of educational services and that your right to register is expressly conditioned upon your agreement to pay these student obligations. You acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to the following provisions:

  • Financial Aid - If your federal or institutional financial aid is either not received by JCCC or you later lose eligibility to retain financial aid for the semester, you assume responsibility for paying all student obligations for this term.
  • Third Party - If your third-party sponsor (military, employer, governmental agency, etc.) fails to pay JCCC, you assume responsibility for paying the amount the sponsor originally promised to pay on your behalf.
  • Hold on Student Account - A “Hold” will be placed on your records if your student obligations remain unpaid. As long as the hold remains in effect, it will prevent your ability to register for future semesters, add classes for the current term and receive official transcripts.
  • Collection Information and Reminders - JCCC or its designated collection agency may use an automated calling system and pre-recorded voice or text messages to contact you by phone regarding any outstanding account, student obligations or reminders, using any current or future phone number you have provided to the college, including any number to a cellular phone or wireless device.
  • Collection Fees and Credit Reporting - Delinquent debts may be reported to a credit bureau and referred to collection agencies and pursued through legal action against you. You agree to pay all reasonable costs and expenses of collecting unpaid charges, including collection agency fees (which may be based on a percentage up to a maximum of 15% of the debt), attorney fees and court costs. This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with Kansas law, and you consent to the jurisdiction of the District Court of Johnson County, Kansas, or the Federal District Court of Kansas regardless of your domicile at the time of such suit.

How to Avoid Financial Responsibility

  • You are required to officially drop classes in order to avoid financial responsibility. If you decide not to attend a class, you must officially drop that class within the stated refund periods.
  • Your financial aid eligibility may be affected. Be aware that dropping classes may reduce your eligibility for financial aid, resulting in debt owed by you. Do NOT assume you will be dropped automatically if you do not pay your tuition or if you do not attend classes.
  • Courses not dropped will be graded and you will have a financial obligation for the course.

Rev 6/2016