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You may authorize others to view and/or pay your JCCC tuition bill.

Setting Up Authorized Users

You may authorize someone else (a parent, an employer, etc.) to view your tuition bill and/or pay your tuition. You may set up multiple authorized users, and you may remove authorized users at any time.

To set up an authorized user:

  • Log in to MyFinances using your MyJCCC username and password.
  • Select Authorized Users under My Profile Setup.
  • Provide the email address for the person you wish to pay your account.
  • If you do not wish your authorized user to be able to view your bill, check the indicator No.
  • If you do not wish your authorized user to see payment history by you or your other authorized users, check the indicator No. Note that granting access to view payment history does not enable the authorized user to see information about the account number from which the payment was made.

Once you have added an authorized user, the system will send that person an email to complete the setup process.

If You Are an Authorized User

If you have been added as an authorized user on a JCCC student account, you should receive an email with a temporary password and the link to log in as an authorized user and confirm your access.

As an authorized user, you will be able to make a payment or enroll in a payment plan (provided your student meets the plan’s criteria). You may also view billing statements and payment history if your student has granted you permission to do so.

If you are an authorized user for several students, you will see a list of those students when you log in. You may either select a student to see individual information, or you may pay for all the students at once.