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Money matters. Johnson County Community College is working hard to make tuition affordable for you. Experience more for your money at JCCC.

Spring 2023 Tuition Cost Per Credit Hour

  • $ 97 per credit hour for Johnson County residents (Tuition = $81/credit hour, Fees = $16/credit hour)
  • $ 116 per credit hour for other Kansas county residents (Tuition = $100/credit hour, Fees = $16/credit hour)
  • $ 143 per credit hour for **Metro Rate (Tuition = $127/credit hour, Fees = $16/credit hour)
  • $ 228 per credit hour for out-of-state and *visa holders (Tuition = $212/credit hour, Fees = $16/credit hour)
  • $ 16 per credit hour for Age 60+ see requirements (Tuition = $16/credit hour)

To calculate total credit hours times tuition rate use the extended tuition table.

The cost per credit hour includes required fees for all students. These fees support: Student Activities=$7, Debt Reduction=$5, Parking and Roads=$3 and Sustainability Initiatives=$1.

*Visa Holders
Pending permanent residents and permanent residents should contact the JCCC Success Center at 913-469-3803 or toll-free in the U.S. at 866-896-5893.

**Metro Rate
** Metro rate applies only to students residing in ZIP codes starting with 640 and 641. Refer to residency requirements for details.