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Qualified third-party billing will hold your JCCC enrollment. JCCC will bill your tuition and fees directly to an outside agency or organization, such as your employer, the military, an educational trust or a government agency.

To qualify for third-party billing for credit enrollment, the Bursar's office must receive the appropriate authorization before your payment deadline. It is your responsibility to ensure any authorization forms are received on time.

Agencies or organizations that require a course be completed before they authorize payment are tuition reimbursement programs. These do not qualify as third-party billing. Students who participate in those programs will need to make payment arrangements according to the tuition responsibility statement. JCCC cannot defer tuition payments for students who receive reimbursement directly from an employer or other party. 

Continuing education registration payments are not processed by the Bursar's Office. Continuing education students can set up third party billing by following these instructions.