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Verification is frequently requested to prove enrollment for loan deferments, for employers or for verifying student status to insurance companies.

To request a verification of your enrollment, complete a Verification of Enrollment Form (PDF). Submit the completed form to the Success Center, mail to the JCCC Records office or fax to 913-469-2300. Request forms must include the signature of the student and a complete mailing address for the recipient in order to be processed. Incomplete forms will be returned without processing.

Verification of enrollment requests are generally processed within three business days from the date received in the Records Office. Verifications for student loan deferments have a different timeline as required by the lenders and cannot be processed until after the first week of the semester has passed.

For information on how full-time and part-time enrollment status is determined, refer to the board policy. If you are enrolled in a year-long self-paced class, credit hours are transcribed only on the semester of your initial enrollment, not the semester of completion.

Need It Fast? Print your own enrollment verification online!

Did you know that you can print your own enrollment verification on the web starting on the first day of the semester?

  1. Select “MyJCCC” from the login menu at the top right corner.
  2. Log in using your username and password.
  3. Select the “My Records” tab. 
  4. Select "Verification of Enrollment" This will link you to the National Student Clearinghouse database.
  5. Follow the prompts to print a verification of enrollment or check to see if your lender has already received verification of your enrollment.

JCCC sends student enrollment data to the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) once a month. Student enrollment information will not be available on the NSC website until the first day of the semester. Students who need a verification of enrollment prior to that date will not be able to print a verification online and should submit a Verification of Enrollment Request form to the Records Office for processing.

Enrollment information on the NSC website may not reflect recent enrollment changes. If you are having trouble printing a verification online, please submit a Verification of Enrollment Request form to the Records Office and we will mail out your verification for you.

Student Loan Deferment and Employment Verifications

Verifications of enrollment for student loans and verifications of degrees for employers are processed for JCCC by the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC). Employers may go directly to to request verification of a student’s degree. Request forms received for these types of verification will be forwarded to the NSC for processing.