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Students coming to JCCC will need to demonstrate a "college reading readiness" requirement before enrolling in certain classes.

In an effort to help students be adequately prepared for college level work, some courses require students to demonstrate "college reading readiness" prior to enrollment. These courses will appear in the class search with “college reading readiness” listed as a prerequisite. Students may satisfy this requirement with one or more of the following:

  • Successful completion of RDG 126.
  • Successful completion of Composition I (ENGL 121)
  • ACCUPLACER test score of 85 or higher in reading
  • ACT sub score of 19 or higher in reading
  • ACCUPLACER-ESL (English as a Second Language) test score of 115 or higher

If you meet the college reading readiness requirement through coursework successfully completed at another college, submit your official transcript to the JCCC Admissions Office. Your transcript must be received and evaluated before you may enroll in courses that require reading readiness. Allow four weeks from the receipt of the transcript for the evaluation.

For information on the ACCUPLACER test, the timeframe in which ACT, COMPASS or ACCUPLACER test scores are considered valid, or how to officially submit your ACT scores, visit Testing Services.