Waitlist Procedures

Automated waitlists are available on some course sections. Placing yourself on a waitlist allows you to reserve a place in line for the next available seat in the section. When a seat opens (due to another student dropping the course) the first student on the waitlist will be eligible to register in the section.

Some important things to know about the automated waitlist process:

  • If you are on a hold that prevents you from registering on the web, you will not be allowed to waitlist.
  • Not all course sections will have a waitlist. The availability of a waitlist is at the discretion of the department.
  • Placing yourself on a waitlist does NOT guarantee that you will eventually be able to enroll in the section.
  • Open seats are offered based on your position on the waitlist. The first person who signs up for the waitlist is the first person offered an open seat.
  • Notification of an open seat is sent by email to your MyJCCC account only so check your MyJCCC email frequently if you are on a waitlist.
  • You have 24 hours from the time of notification to register for the section. If you do not register in that time period, you will be dropped from the waitlist and the next person on the list will be offered the open seat. There are not exceptions to the 24-hour rule.*
  • To be added to a waitlist you must meet all the pre-requisites, restrictions, and required approvals just as though you were registering for the course. If you obtain an override for an approval or restriction so that you may be added to a waitlist that override will carry over to your actual registration.
  • You can enroll in one section of a course and also waitlist in another section of the same course. However, when your name comes up on the waitlist, if you are enrolled in a different section of the course and wish to switch, you must drop the section you are enrolled in first and then enroll in the waitlisted course.
  • Be careful when dropping courses on your schedule. If the course is full and has a waitlist, you will not be able to add the course back if you make a mistake when dropping. You would have to waitlist for the course instead.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Waitlist enrollment will be closed from 6 to 9 p.m. each semester on the payment deadline and will reopen at 9 p.m. that evening. (The last day to add your name to a waitlist is the payment deadline, see academic calendar for payment deadlines). All waitlist reservations will be deleted the following day at 9 p.m. If an email notification is received during this time, the 24 hour timeframe to enroll in the class will not apply and students may have a much shorter timeframe to enroll.