Dropping Credit Classes

Follow these procedures if you need to drop a class.

Drop Deadlines

Refer to the specific term below to view deadlines for dropping courses. Students may not drop courses by phone once the semester has begun. Starting on the first day of the semester, all course drops must be completed by dropping the course on the Web through MyJCCC, submitting a drop slip to the Success Center (2nd floor Student Center), faxing a drop request to 913-469-2300, or mailing a drop request to the Records Office.

Credit Hour Requirements for Specific Populations

Before Dropping a Class

Some students may need to maintain full- or part-time enrollment status or complete a certain percentage of hours attempted in order to maintain their status in a specific population or their eligibility for financial assistance.

Following are a few examples:

  • Students receiving financial aid, grants, loans, scholarships or veterans benefits
  • Athletes
  • JCCC I-20 students

These students should contact the appropriate department for information on specific credit hour requirements before adding or dropping courses.

If you are receiving financial aid and drop courses, you may be required to repay all or part of the financial aid disbursed for the semester. For more information see Dropping Classes and Financial Aid Repayment

Dropping a Course Online

If your records are on hold, you will not be able to drop a course online. Contact credit enrollment assistance with questions about holds.

To view the deadline dates for refunds and withdrawals, refer to drop and audit deadlines. For special status classes such as self-paced courses, contact enrollment assistance regarding drop deadlines and procedures. Read student responsibilities and refer to the credit hour requirements for specific populations before you drop a class.

  1. Log in to MyJCCC and select the green "Add/Drop Classes" button.
  2. Select Web Drop on the drop-down menu next to the course you want to drop.
  3. Select Submit Changes. Note that you must complete this step to process your drop. You will not be dropped if you do not select Submit Changes.
  4. Refer to Holds and Errors if you receive the error symbol that prevents you from adding or dropping a course.
  5. Select Student Detail Schedule at the bottom of the page to verify your course was dropped from your schedule. Print and retain a copy for your records. Classes dropped via the Web should say Web dropped.
  6. You should drop classes before adding classes. Carefully check to see if the class you want to add is still open before making the schedule changes. If the section you wish to add is closed, you will not be able to enroll and will risk losing a seat in the section of the class you intend to drop.