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Refund Appeal Deadline

Tuition Refund Appeals related to credit courses must be submitted in writing on the Appeal Form to the Office of the Dean over Enrollment Management within two years of the student's initial enrollment in the course, unless good cause is shown for the delay. The written appeal and documentation will be reviewed by a Tuition Refund Appeal Committee selected by the Vice President of Student Success and Engagement to determine if the student has demonstrated sufficient circumstances warranting a refund. The decision of the Committee is final and the student will be informed in writing of the decision.

Extenuating Circumstances

Your appeal must state your reason(s) for requesting a tuition refund. BE SPECIFIC by giving dates and attaching supporting documentation (medical statements, doctor’s letters, letters of transfer, or any other information which would indicate the dates and reasons for requesting a refund).

Appeals will not be accepted without independent documentation.

Circumstances that will not be a sufficient basis for appeal include, but will not be limited to, the following:

  • Dropping a course because of a low grade;
  • Deciding that course is too difficult or there is not enough time to meet course objectives;
  • Arrest or incarceration;
  • Academic or disciplinary dismissal;
  • Known medical condition, injury or illness that has not changed materially since the time of enrollment in the course;
  • Financial hardship or lack of financial aid; or
  • Volunteering for military duty.