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As a registered student at Johnson County Community College, you agree to certain responsibilities. Some of the most important are outlined below.

Changes to Classes

by Student

  • Students are responsible for scheduling their own classes and for being aware of all schedule changes.
  • Check your JCCC email account to be aware of changes.
  • Many classes are offered with dates that begin after the start of the semester and some finish prior to the end of the semester. You should check the start-dates and end-dates of each class as you enroll. You may enroll in late-start classes until the day the class begins and payment must be made on the same date that you enroll for these late-start classes.

by College

  • The College reserves the right to cancel, combine or change the time, day or location of any class without obligation.
  • The College also reserves the right to change the instructor and/or instructional methodology of any class without obligation.
  • If a class must be canceled on a specific day because of a professor's absence and the College has been notified a blue class-change card will be posted near the assigned classroom.
  • In the unlikely event that a professor is late and the class-change card has not been posted, contact the program office, if open. For evening and weekend classes you may contact the Evening/Weekend Administrator Office at 913-469-2510, located in LIB 353A.

Class Cancellations Due to Weather

You can find out if the College is closed because of the weather in one of these ways:

  • Web: The announcement will be posted in a notification at the top of the home page of the College’s website,
  • Text: You’ll receive a text message. Students, faculty and staff are automatically signed up for emergency text messages. Learn more at
  • Social media: The announcement will be posted on the College’s social media accounts
  • Area TV stations receive and announce closing notices: KMBC-TV 9, KSHB-TV 41, KCTV-TV 5 and WDAF-TV 4. It may take a while for an announcement to appear on television; use one of the other methods as your primary source of information.

If the decision to close campus is made during the day, all students, faculty and staff will receive text and email messages.

Financial Responsibility

  • By registering for classes at Johnson County Community College (JCCC), you agree to assume financial responsibility for all charges billed to your student account. In order to avoid financial responsibility, if you decide not to attend a class, you must officially drop that class within the stated refund periods.