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Enrollment holds and errors can prevent you from successfully adding or dropping a course from your semester schedule.


If you have a hold on your account that is stopping you from adding or dropping a course online, call the Success Center for assistance. You will be allowed to drop even if you have a registration hold. To view information about your enrollment hold, log in to MyJCCC and select My Records and then My Profile.

Please note that some holds do not block you from adding and dropping courses online. For example, the financial aid book advance hold is there to apply your credit for use at the JCCC bookstore. Other holds will require that you take certain actions before enrollment can occur.

For example, if you have an academic probation hold or a see counselor hold, then you must meet with a counselor before you will be able to enroll. Holds applied to student accounts due to an unpaid balance must be resolved with the Bursar's Office before you can add courses.

Enrollment Errors (Registration Errors)

If you see the following message on the screen after trying to add a course, your registration could not be processed.

Credit Enrollment or Registration Error

The Most Common Reasons for a Registration Error

Prerequisite Errors - Some courses require prerequisite coursework or completion of placement tests before enrollment is allowed. If a prerequisite is required, your JCCC student record must show completion of the prerequisite in order to enroll online. If you have successfully completed the required class at another institution but have not had transcripts sent to JCCC, you may bring a copy of your unofficial transcript to a counselor in the Success Center or to the appropriate academic department to request a prerequisite waiver.

Corequisite Errors - Some courses require that you be concurrently enrolled in another course. An example of this would be courses that have a lecture class and a lab class. If the lecture and lab are required corequisites, you must enroll in both.

Time Conflicts - Students cannot be enrolled in two sections of the same class or in two consecutive classes with any time overlaps.