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Dating and Relationship Policy 423.02
Johnson County Community College
Series: 400 Personnel
Section: Employee Conduct and Performance

Applicability: This Policy applies to all Johnson County Community College (“JCCC” or the “College”) employees.

Purpose: Academic freedom and collegiality between those in positions of authority and others is encouraged on the JCCC campus. However, this policy serves to draw clear boundaries where situations involve individuals of unequal power.


Outside the scope of sexual misconduct, as addressed in the Employee Discrimination, Harassment or Retaliation Policy 420.00, and Sexual Harassment, as defined in the Sexual Harassment Policy 650.00, dating, sexual and social relationships may have blurred boundaries.

It is unethical and a conflict of interest for an employee to have any dating or sexual relationship with a student or a social or personal relationship with a student that is unprofessional and goes beyond the bounds of an educational focus:

  1. during the time of course or program enrollment in the employee’s department,
  2. when an employee has oversight responsibilities for a student, or
  3. when a significant power differential exists.

An example of a significant power differential would include, but not be limited to, a faculty member who is in a position to recommend a student for academic or employment opportunities, even after the student has completed courses with the faculty member.

It is unethical and a conflict of interest for a supervisor to engage in or pursue a dating or sexual relationship with an employee in the supervisor’s area of supervision or when a significant power differential exists.

Date of Adoption: 05/15/2003
Revised: 09/21/2017, 07/15/2021