Financial Aid Book Advance Dates

The book advance is a way to use part of your awarded financial aid in advance to purchase books at the JCCC Bookstore. It is not additional financial aid, unless you have been awarded a specific book scholarship.

JCCC Book Scholarships

A JCCC Book Scholarship, different from a book advance, awarded through JCCC is loaded on the JCCC ID card to be used at the JCCC Bookstore only. Students awarded book scholarship funds will be notified by email to their student email account. Awarded book scholarship funds can be viewed through the MyID Card link in MyJCCC. This scholarship is removed at the end of the awarded semester. 

If awarded, be sure to use your book scholarship since any unspent book scholarship funds are not refunded to the student.

Summer 2017 Book Advance Dates

May 8 – Web ordering/reservation and book rental open on JCCC bookstore website.
If you are planning on preordering your summer books, you must do this before May 30. Your books would then be ready starting May 30 to pick up in the bookstore and pay with your book advance. No shipping or early bird discount in the summer. Book advances can pay for rental charges starting May 30.

May 30-June 15 (Thursday) – Summer book advances available for use in the JCCC Bookstore only.
See the JCCC Bookstore website for information on extended summer hours June 3 - June 11! 
If you have been awarded summer aid and are eligible to receive a summer book advance, an email will be sent to your JCCC email account indicating you are eligible for a book advance. The book advance will be loaded on your JCCC ID card. You can check the book advance balance on your ID on or after May 30 by logging into your MyJCCC and selecting the MyID Card link. The maximum book advance is $1,500 and the minimum is $50, with the exception of certain degree majors. 
If your books cost more than your book advance, you will need to pay the remaining difference before you can pick up any of your books.

June 15 (Thursday) by 5 p.m. – Last day to use book advances.
Book advances will expire at the close of business on Thursday, June 15, and can no longer be used to purchase books.

If you chose not to use the book advance or have used only a portion of it, the difference plus any remaining financial aid (financial aid minus tuition and fees) will be available by refund starting June 23. If you have late-start classes or if you are a first time and/or a single semester loan borrower, your refund could be delayed. All summer loans will be disbursed in two equal disbursements, one at the beginning of the semester, at the first disbursement, and the other at the mid-point (July 3).

July 29 – Summer book rentals are due on or before this date.
Refer to rental details on the JCCC Bookstore website.

Book Rental return for spring 2017 (previous term) - Reminder that spring rentals are due on or before May 20.