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You may appeal decisions that are academic or non-academic in nature or file a complaint if there is a concern regarding illegal discrimination, harassment and retaliation.

Late Withdrawal - Appeal to request a withdrawal from a course after the withdrawal deadline has passed.

Tuition Refund - Appeal to request a refund of tuition or fees past the normal refund period due to extenuating circumstances beyond the student's control.

Bookstore Refund - Appeal to request a bookstore refund due to severe, extenuating circumstances.

Grade Change - Appeal can be used as a petition to contest a course grade.

Graduation - Appeal can be used if you have missed the deadline to apply for graduation. Submit the Graduation Appeal form with your application for Graduation.

Suspension - Appeal can be used if you are currently suspended due to academic progress and wish to enroll before the suspension period has ended.

Academic Renewal - Appeal can be used for coursework 5 years old or older to be excluded for select purposes.

Other Student Appeals and Complaint Procedures

Appeals for non-academic, disciplinary actions or other complaints can be found in the following board policies:

  • Student Complaints Policy
  • Student Appeal of Disciplinary Action
  • Student Discrimination, Harassment or Retaliation Complaint Policy