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Refunds may be allowed under extenuating circumstances. The guidelines and process for a bookstore refund appeal are provided below.

Bookstore Refund Appeal Deadline

Bookstore refund appeals must be submitted in writing to the Manager of the JCCC Bookstore within one semester of your initial enrollment in the course. Bookstore refunds are granted by the JCCC bookstore manager only for documented, severe extenuating circumstances.

Extenuating Circumstances

Your appeal must state your reason(s) for requesting a bookstore refund. BE SPECIFIC by giving dates and attaching supporting documentation (medical statements, doctor’s letters, letters of transfer, or any other information which would indicate the dates and reasons for requesting a refund).

Appeals will not be accepted without independent documentation.

Bookstore Refund Appeal Form Instructions

To submit a tuition bookstore refund appeal, download the Appeal Form for Credit Courses and check the "Bookstore Refund" option.

Appeal forms may be submitted, with attached documentation, to the Success Center, located on the second floor of the Student Center. Or forms may be mailed to JCCC Records office.