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Students who have been suspended from the College due to academic performance have the option of filing a suspension appeal.

Academic Suspension Appeal Options

JCCC provides two options for students to appeal an academic suspension. Students who are approved through one of these appeal options will be allowed to enroll again at JCCC before the complete suspension period has ended.  

  • Option 1: Students may appeal for the Success Opportunity Semester (SOS). This option requires enrollment in COLL 200 College Success Strategies (3 credit hours), counselor visits throughout the semester, and a 12-credit-hour limit. The SOS option is only offered in the fall and spring semesters and will be granted only once.
  • Option 2: Students with severe extenuating circumstances that contributed to their recent academic performance may be eligible for a Suspension Appeal. An appeal of this nature is generally granted only once. Documentation of the extenuating circumstance is required and should be attached to the Academic Suspension Appeal form. A compelling argument for how recent performance would not be repeated if an appeal were granted must also be included.

The appeal committee will provide a written email notification of the outcome of all appeals.  

Board Policy Reference

Refer to the Academic Standing Policy for more information.