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Need to declare a major? Or thinking about changing your major or declaring an additional major? Follow the directions below to complete the process and get you on your way toward reaching your academic goals.

Submit a Declare or Change Major Form

  • If you are no longer pursuing your current major, it is important that you declare your new major by completing a Declare or Change Major Form.
  • You may also use this form to declare a second major.

Submit a Declare or Change Major Form

Previously Non-Degree Seeking

  • If you were previously non-degree seeking and are now declaring your intent to pursue a degree or certificate, you  will need to complete placement testing or submit appropriate ACT scores if you have never completed college level math and English courses.
  • If you have completed coursework at another college that you wish to apply toward your degree at JCCC, submit your official transcripts of that work to our Admissions Office. 

Selective Admission Programs

  • If you wish to pursue a major in a selective admission program, you must first apply for acceptance into the program. You cannot declare a selective admission major by completing a Declare or Change Major form.
  • Your major will be updated for you automatically if you are accepted into the selective admission program.
  • Prior to being accepted into the program, you may declare your major to be Liberal Arts (Major Code #1000). This will allow you to pursue completion of prerequisites that may be needed prior to admission to the program.

Financial Aid Eligibility

To determine if you are in a financial aid eligible major, view the Major Codes List. Programs that are not eligible for federal financial aid are marked with an asterisk (*).

  • Please note that to receive federal financial aid and most types of JCCC grants and scholarships, you must be pursuing a degree or certificate in a major that is aid eligible.
  • You must also be taking courses that are required for your program of study based on DegreeCheck.
  • Non-degree-seeking students will not be eligible for federal financial aid.

Catalog of Record

  • Submitting a Declare or Change Major Form will change your catalog of record, which may impact which courses you are required to complete.
  • For information on how to determine your catalog of record for graduation, refer to Graduation Requirements.
  • For assistance in determining how a change of major will affect your progress toward a degree or certificate, schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor in the Student Success Center before submitting a Declare or Change Major form.