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A prerequisite is a course or requirement that you must complete before taking an advanced course. For example, you must complete Composition I (ENGL 121) before taking Composition II (ENGL 122).

Are you planning to enroll in a course that has a prerequisite course requirement?

If you successfully completed the prerequisite course at JCCC, you are ready to enroll.

If you took the prerequisite at another college, you will need to have the transfer coursework verified with JCCC prior to enrolling for the course by using one of the options below:

  • Send an official transcript of your transfer work to JCCC Admissions to be evaluated. If you have already submitted your official transcript, you do not need to send it again unless the transcript has changed. Keep in mind it may take up to two weeks for the evaluation process to be completed once JCCC has received your transcript.
  • Or email an unofficial copy of your transcript to a counselor (see below) to request a prerequisite waiver for the course you wish to take. 

Students who wish to apply prior college coursework toward a degree at JCCC should submit an official transcript to the Office of Admissions. In addition, certain students (selective admission applicants, VA education benefit recipients, athletes, international students and select Financial Aid recipients) may be required to provide all official transcripts to the Admissions Office. Those departments will notify you if transcripts are required. All official transcripts on file will be used in the determination of Financial Aid eligibility. Refer to our transcript evaluation page to understand how your incoming college coursework will be evaluated.

Summer Only or Non-Degree Seeking Students

Even if you do not intend to earn a degree at JCCC, you must still meet any required prerequisites before enrolling in a course. Students who are only attending during the summer and plan to return to their regular college may want to bring an unofficial copy of their transcript to a counselor well in advance of enrollment rather than sending an official transcript.

Math and Science Waivers

Please note: If you are emailing in regard to a prerequisite waiver request for a Math or Science course and you are currently enrolled in that prerequisite course at another college/university, please send your request to the respective academic division and follow the format provided here:


How to Request a Prerequisite Waiver if JCCC Has Not Received Your Official Transcript

I am CURRENTLY ENROLLED in a prerequisite course at another college but don’t have a grade yet. How can I request a prerequisite waiver?

If you are currently enrolled in the prerequisite at another school, you will need to request permission from the academic department in charge of the course. To view a list of academic departments, see our Credit Programs.

I have completed the prerequisite course at another college but JCCC does not have my official transcript yet. How can I request a prerequisite waiver?

1. Log into your JCCC email account and email Counseling. Please do NOT use other email accounts for this request.

2. In the body of your email, provide the following information:

b. The name of the school where you took the prerequisite course
c. The name of the COURSE from that school
d. The name of the course at JCCC you’re trying to enroll in
e. The semester you are trying to enroll in at JCCC
f. A contact phone number, in case we have questions and need to reach you

3. Attach a copy of your unofficial transcript from the school where you took the prerequisite course (we CANNOT process your request without this!).

4. Please allow up to 2 business days for processing. You will receive email notification regarding whether or not your request was approved. If approved for a prerequisite waiver, you will still need to enroll in the course.

Questions about prerequisites?

For assistance with questions about prerequisites, please call the Success Center at 913-469-3803, email a counselor from your student email account, or visit a counselor in the Success Center (2nd floor Student Center).