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Students who have been offered federal financial aid and will have a credit balance after their tuition and fees are paid are eligible for a book advance at the JCCC bookstore.

A book advance may be available for you to use at the JCCC Bookstore. A book advance is a portion of your financial aid that is advanced to you to purchase your books – it is NOT additional financial aid. You will receive an email to your student email account if you are eligible for a book advance which will provide dates and details for using your book advance.

You can find the required and recommended textbooks as well as supplemental material for your class by selecting the CRN# in class search or by visiting the JCCC Bookstore textbook tab.

If you are eligible to receive a book advance for an upcoming semester:

  • The book advance money will be loaded on your JCCC ID card, and
  • You will receive an email in your student email account which will provide further details on using your book advance. You can check the book advance balance on your JCCC ID once it has been placed on your account by logging into your MYJCCC & selecting the MyID Card link. The maximum book advance is $1,500 and the minimum is $50 with the exception of certain degree majors.

You must present your JCCC ID card that contains your pre-loaded book advance when you purchase your books. You can use your JCCC ID card as a form of payment when pre-ordering your books online. The bookstore will charge the total purchase amount against your financial aid book advance. If your books cost more than your book advance, you will need to pay the remaining difference.

If you do not have a student ID card or need a replacement card, once you have been offered financial aid, you should present a copy of your financial aid offer page in MyJCCC to the Student Activities and Welcome Desk (SC 106) or the circulation desk at the Billington Library. Note that replacement cards are only issued at the Student Activities and Welcome Desk.

Opt Out Policy
There is no separate action a student is required to complete to opt out of the book advance process. If you do not wish to use the book advance, the amounts will be removed from your JCCC ID card and transferred onto your student account for your financial aid refund at the end of the book advance period.

Opt in Policy
If you use your book advance funds from your JCCC ID card, the financial aid office will consider this as your authorization for use of Title IV HEA funds for this purpose and you won’t be required to provide written authorization. After your financial aid funds have been disbursed to your student account, the amount you used in the JCCC Bookstore will be posted to your student account as a charge. Your refund will be calculated by deducting any unpaid charges for tuition, book advances, fees, etc. from your financial aid disbursement.