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Policies and federal regulations impacting eligibility and the timing of the disbursement of financial aid funds.

If you have an accepted financial aid package that covers your balance due and no outstanding requirements prior to the payment deadline each semester, your enrollment will be protected from the non-payment drop. Book advances are available for an extended period of time to assist with books and supplies.

Financial aid disburses based on actual, eligible enrollment. Enrollment in 6 or more eligible hours is required at the time of each loan disbursement.

Late-start classes?  Know that the timing of disbursement will be impacted.  If you have late-start courses eligible for Pell Grant or loan funds, those funds will post approximately 10 days following the class start date.

Review the following policies and federal regulations which could affect the timing of disbursement, and be prepared for possible refund delays. See our Refund Dates for specific dates, as they become available for an upcoming semester. 

Courses in Program of Study Regulation

Courses taken outside your program of study, as required based on your DegreeCheck audit, are not eligible for federal student aid. See our Courses in Program of Study policy for more information.

Financial Aid Repeat Coursework Policy

The policy of JCCC’s Financial Aid office, in accordance with federal regulations, is to pay for a passed course up to two times — as long as that course is in the student’s program of study

If the student withdraws before completing a course, that instance is not counted towards the repeat total for that course. However, withdrawing from a course does affect the student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress calculation. Refer to the JCCC Board policy regarding grading for a repeated course.

Remedial Coursework Policy

Federal regulations allow a student to receive federal student financial aid for up to 30 credit hours of remedial/developmental coursework. Please note that the Financial Aid Repeat Coursework policy still applies for remedial courses.

Single Semester Loan Regulation

If you take out a loan for one semester only, the Federal Direct Loan and/or PLUS Loan will be disbursed in two equal installments during that semester. One half of the funds are disbursed with the first applicable disbursement of the semester and the remaining half after the midpoint of the semester.

Transfer Monitoring Regulation

JCCC is required to monitor students through the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) database. Once a student has been added to the monitoring list, we must wait seven (7) days until we can disburse their financial aid funds. This monitoring must occur, even if you did not receive financial aid at any other school. There is no action needed by you (the student) during this process. You are not eligible to receive any federal student aid until this process is complete. 

This monitoring hold is required to ensure your federal student aid history is updated between the U.S. Department of Education, JCCC, and your prior University or College (if applicable).