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Service of Alcoholic Beverages Policy 217.06
Johnson County Community College
Series: 200 Administrative Services
Section: Facilities and Property

Cross-Reference: Service of Alcoholic Beverages Operating Procedure 217.07

Applicability: This Policy applies to the Johnson County Community College (“JCCC” or the “College”) campus community, including all students, personnel and visitors.

Purpose: The purpose of this Policy is to generally prohibit the consumption of alcohol on public property, except in specified locations designated by the Board of Trustees herein, in accordance with K.S.A. 41-719.


No person shall drink or consume alcoholic beverages on College property, except in the following limited locations identified in this Policy, and in accordance with the Service of Alcoholic Beverages Operating Procedure 217.07,  the Student Code of Conduct Policy 319.01, and all applicable JCCC substance abuse policies.

    1. Beer and wine may be served during regular operations at Café Tempo (NMOCA 119).
    2. Beer and wine may be served during special events held in the following locations:
      • Café Tempo (NMOCA 119) and the Café Tempo patio outside of regular operations;
      • The area of the Nerman Museum adjacent to Café Tempo, the Atrium at the Nerman Museum (NMOCA 130), and the Nerman Museum Terrace;
      • The Regnier Center Capitol Federal Conference Center (RC 101), the The “Cube” (RC 270), the Bodker Executive Room (RC 170), and the Shull Foyer;
      • The Midwest Trust Center lobby and performance halls, including the Recital Hall, Yardley Hall and Polsky Theatre, and their respective stages, staging areas, audience seating and front of house areas, and the Virginia Krebs Community Room (MTC 107);
      • The Wylie Hospitality and Culinary Academy lobby (WHCA 100), including the adjacent patio, the Wysong Family Culinary Theatre (WHCA 145), and the Regnier Family Dining Room (WHCA 150),
      • The Hugh L. Libby Career and Technical Education Center lobby (CTEC 102); and
      • Olathe Health Education Center room number 102 (OHEC 102) and respective lobby areas.

All procedures, as directed by the College President, under this Policy shall be in full compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations, including the Kansas Liquor Control Act, City of Overland Park Municipal Code Chapter 5.20, and Olathe Municipal Code Title 7.

Date of Adoption:
Revised: 02/17/2011, 10/20/2011, 07/18/2013, 01/16/2020, 01/21/2021, 04/21/2022