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Facilities Heating and Cooling Operating Procedure 217.08
Johnson County Community College
Series: 200 Administrative Services
Section: Facilities and Property

Cross-Reference: Facility Use Policy 217.01

Applicability: This Operating Procedure applies to all JCCC interior spaces managed and operated by JCCC unless specifically exempted by the Associate Vice President of Campus Services and Facility Planning.

Purpose: JCCC is committed to sustainability and integrates sustainability principles in its daily operations, curriculum and student engagement. The purpose of this Operating Procedure is to further these sustainability efforts by conserving energy used by the College’s heating and cooling systems. In addition to lowering costs, energy conservation reduces air and water pollution, decreases global warming, limits dependence on foreign energy supplies, and conserves natural resources for future generations.

I. Building Temperature Set Points:

The College has established a four-degree temperature range between heating and cooling temperature set points. JCCC’s established temperature set points are to be no warmer than 70 degrees for heating and no cooler than 74 degrees for cooling during occupied periods.

This heating and cooling Procedure balances responsible stewardship with the need for comfortable learning and working environments and is consistent with industry standards. All JCCC spaces will be maintained as close to these set points as possible during occupied periods. However, due to the age of some of the heating and cooling systems at JCCC and the inability to control temperatures in some individual spaces, temperatures within two degrees on either side of the set points generally will be considered within the acceptable range. 

II. Requests for Service:

If a building occupant believes the temperature in his/her work area is below 70 degrees in the heating season or above 74 degrees in the cooling season (± 2 degrees), he/she should contact Campus Services by calling ext. 3710 or by entering a work request in the online request system. Campus Facilities will:

  • Measure the temperature within the room in question using digital thermometers that provide immediate air temperature read-outs.
  • If the temperature is within the range prescribed by this Procedure, Campus Services will not alter mechanical systems in the space or building, but they may seek ways to provider greater comfort, related to drafts, etc.
  • If the temperature is outside the range prescribed by this Procedure, Campus Services will make every reasonable effort to correct the problem.
  • Interim measures, such as electrical fans or approved radiant panel heaters, may be provided by Campus Services to manage the environment until the approved temperature set points can be achieved.

III. Use of Approved Appliances:

If temperature set points are within the acceptable range under this Procedure, JCCC will not provide additional heating and cooling appliances. Employees may use their own funds to purchase and use the following approved appliances: (1) Energy efficient pedestal or table top fans, or (2) High efficiency radiant panel heaters that use no more than 175 watts. Employees must turn off all appliances at the end of the work day.

Typical electric resistance space heaters will not be permitted. These heaters can be a fire hazard, can adversely affect temperature control in adjacent areas and can overload circuits causing breakers to trip. JCCC reserves the right to remove any non-approved appliances and hold them in storage for the owner to claim and take home.

IV. Exceptions: Exceptions to this Procedure may be authorized by Associate Vice President for Campus Services and Facility Planning, or above, based on documented circumstances (e.g., laboratory spaces with specific climate control requirements).                                                    

Signature on File in Policy Office

Date of Adoption: 08/19/2014