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Johnson County Community College
Series: 200 Administrative Services
Section: Facilities and Property

Cross-Reference: Naming College Facilities Operating Procedure 217.05 


Johnson County Community College (JCCC or the “College”) acknowledges the importance of naming recognition opportunities as a means of recognizing significant contributions in support of the College’s mission and values. In granting naming recognition, the College intends to promote an appropriate reflection of the history of the College as well as consistency, fairness, fitting recognition and good value in exchange for the honor and privilege of naming recognition.


This Policy applies to College buildings, rooms, halls, auditoria, galleries, structures, courtyards, roads, walkways, playing fields/courts and campus grounds, as well as formal College programs/divisions (“Facilities”). This Policy is not intended to apply to tribute markers such as plaques, medallions, inscriptions or other name markers usually placed in association with trees, benches, walls, seats, bricks or other similar property. The President is responsible for interpretations related to applicability of this Policy to a particular naming recognition opportunity.

Naming Recognition:

The final authority for naming recognition approval rests with the Johnson County Community College Board of Trustees (the “Board”). All action to approve, change or remove naming of a Facility shall be made upon an affirmative vote of no less than five members of the Board. Recommendations for naming of Facilities will be made in accordance with this Policy and the Procedures established and administered by the President or his/her designee.

The following two categories will generally be considered for Facilities naming recognition:

  1. Naming in recognition of Financial Support
  2. Naming in recognition of Distinguished Service

In addition to approval by the Board, each naming recognition will be subject to a written agreement or conditions statement and/or subject to applicable College policies/procedures and Kansas statutes, as may be amended.

When a Facility has been named by the Board pursuant to this Policy, it is the College's intent to continue to use the name so long as the Facility remains in use and serves its original function, or as otherwise may be provided for in a written agreement, a conditions statement, College policies/procedures or Kansas statutes.

When the Facility use has changed such that the named Facility must be demolished, substantially renovated, discontinued or rebuilt, or if the College determines that the naming recognition will adversely impact the reputation, mission or integrity of the College, the Board may retain the use of the name or vote to change/discontinue the use of the name in its sole discretion.

Date of Adoption: 05/07/1998
Revised: 06/16/2009, 08/18/2016