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Drone Operating Procedure 217.09
Johnson County Community College
Series: 200 Administrative Services
Section: Facilities and Property

Cross-Reference: Facilities Use Policy 217.01

Applicability: This Operating Procedure applies to operation of any unmanned aerial system (UAS), unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), quadcopter or drone (collectively referred to as “Drones”) by any individual at JCCC, including JCCC employees, students, contractors and other third-parties.

Drones shall not be operated on JCCC property or at JCCC programs and activities without prior approval from the College following submission of a JCCC Drone Flights Request/Registration Form. Drone operators must comply with applicable laws, regulations (specifically including Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations) and JCCC rules when operating a Drone. In general, these restrictions address location, height and speed of the flight, as well as pilot training/certification, insurance coverage, equipment specifications, etc.

Procedure for Requesting to Operate a Drone:

Prior to the requested Drone flight, the Drone operator must:

  1. Review the JCCC Drone Flight Request/Registration Form and the FAA’s Summary of the Small Unmanned Aircraft Rule to ensure that the proposed flight will meet all restrictions. Note that some of the JCCC rules may be more restrictive than the FAA’s regulations.
  2. Secure appropriate insurance, operator licensure/certification and permissions prior to completing the request form.
  3. At least two weeks prior to the proposed flight, complete the request form and submit it electronically. Any additional supporting documentation relevant to the request may be sent via email to
  4. Provide additional assurances or complete additional documentation, such as proof of insurance or liability waivers, as required by the College.

Approval of Drone Operations:

Requests to operate Drones from JCCC employees and/or students may take precedence over third-party requests. Otherwise, requests will generally be reviewed by the College on a first-come, first-served basis.

The College will notify the requester whether the proposed flight is approved or denied. The notification will inform the operator of any additional restrictions that may apply to the flight. Documentation of the approval must be maintained by the Drone operator during the approved flight(s) and provided as verification upon request by JCCC.

The flight must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as the agreed upon restrictions approved by the College. In accordance with the Facilities Use Policy, the College reserves the right to deny or revoke an approval in its sole discretion without further obligation to the requester.

Signature on File in Policy Office


Date of Adoption: 4/18/2017