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Naming College Facilities Operating Procedure 217.05
Johnson County Community College
Series: 200 Administrative Services
Section: Facilities and Property

Cross-Reference: Naming College Facilities Policy 217.05

Applicability: This Operating Procedure applies to Johnson County Community College (“JCCC” or “the College”) buildings, rooms, halls, auditoria, galleries, structures, courtyards, roads, walkways, playing fields/courts and campus grounds, as well as formal College programs/divisions (“Facilities”).

Purpose: The purpose of this Operating Procedure is to set forth the process for evaluating and recommending Facilities naming recognition to the JCCC Board of Trustees (“the Board”) for consideration.


I. Criteria for Naming Recognition

A. Naming in Recognition of Financial Support
For naming recognition of financial gifts or other items of economic value, the donor will be expected to provide all or a substantial part of the cost of the Facility to be named. A “substantial part” shall be defined as a contribution that is more than half of the cost (51% or more) or a contribution that would not have been available from another source or was in some way integral to project or programmatic initiation, continuance, completion or excellence. When the financial support involves a pledge, the College generally requires at least 20% of the total pledge to be paid prior to implementation of recognition. If a pledge is fully or partially unpaid contrary to the terms of the written agreement, the College reserves the right to rescind the naming recognition and is under no obligation to return any of the partially paid funds.   
B. Naming in Recognition of Distinguished Service
For naming recognition to honor extraordinary, distinguished service, the individual is expected to be a former employee, former student, former trustee or other individual who has made a significant service contribution to the College. Generally, a period of not less than three years should lapse between the end of an individual’s employment by or official position with the College, if applicable, and consideration for a distinguished service naming recognition.

II. Procedure for Facilities Naming

A. Nomination
Recommendations for the naming of a Facility are to be submitted to the Office of Institutional Advancement using the Nomination for Facilities Naming form. Nominations must be accompanied by supporting documentation to provide the nominee’s personal background and history with the College and, to the extent reasonably possible, justification for consideration of the request as set forth in College policy and operating procedure.  
B. Appointment of Committee
Submitted nominations will be reviewed for completeness by the Office of Institutional Advancement, and once deemed complete, forwarded to the College President, who shall have the discretion to accept, decline or request additional information prior to further processing of the nomination. If the President determines that review of the nomination is in the best interest of the College, the President will notify the Board chair. The President and the Board chair shall jointly appoint a Facilities Naming Committee to evaluate the nomination. The Facilities Naming Committee will consist of:
  • Two members of the Board (typically one member will be the chair of the Management Committee or the Board treasurer);
  • Two directors and/or members of the JCCC Foundation Board;
  • One member of the JCCC Faculty Association;
  • One member of the JCCC Student Senate;
  • One administrative employee; and
  • Any other appointees deemed appropriate by President  
C. Informational Report Submitted to Committee
The Office of Institutional Advancement will provide a report to the Facilities Naming Committee on the risks and benefits associated with the potential naming of the Facility. This report should include:
  • The perspectives of the College administration and other members of the community;
  • Due diligence conducted, including any background or reference checks related to the nominee(s);
  • Independent valuation and appraisals, if applicable, of any non-cash financial support in connection with the naming recognition (i.e. gifts, art, land, stock, etc.); and
  • Information on the costs related to the implementation and maintenance of the Facility and signage, along with potential sources of funding to cover these costs.   

D. Evaluation of Nomination

The Facilities Naming Committee will review the report and consider the merits of the naming recognition opportunity or other request. In addition to the criteria set forth in the Naming College Facilities Policy 217.05 and this Operating Procedure, the Committee should carefully consider the credentials, character and reputation of the nominee(s), and the value to the College when compared to similar naming recognition arrangements. 

  • If a two-thirds majority of the Committee supports moving forward with a recommendation, the nominee or the nominee’s representative will be notified of the potential naming recognition and a written agreement or conditions statement will be prepared and negotiated by the Office of Institutional Advancement to include the specific terms and conditions of the naming recognition prior to any recommendation to the Board,.
  • If a two-thirds majority of the Committee does not vote to move forward with the nomination, the process is terminated, and the President will notify the Board and the person(s) submitting the nomination of the Committee’s decision.
E. Recommendation to the Board
If a two-thirds majority of the Committee decides to move forward with the nomination, the recommendation will be submitted to the Board for consideration.  
F. Approval by the Board
Approval of a naming recognition requires the affirmative vote of at least five (5) members of the Board. The decision of the Board will constitute final action on the recommendation and absent compelling circumstances, no consideration of such nomination may be made for a period of three (3) years.


III. Changing a Facility Name

A Facility name change shall be based on rationale listed in the Naming College Facilities Policy 217.05 and sought through the same process for Facilities naming, as provided in Section II of this Operating Procedure.

IV. Confidentiality and Publicity

A. Confidentiality
To the extent allowed by law, the nomination and evaluation process shall be confidential until a nomination is officially presented to the Board for consideration.
B. Publicity
Following Board approval, as appropriate and pursuant to any applicable terms in the naming agreement or conditions statement, the College may publish the names of the donors for any naming recognition in College publications. Signage used for the naming recognition shall be determined by the College. If agreed upon by the College and the donor, the amount of a donor’s gift may be maintained as a confidential matter between the donor and the College to the extent allowed by Kansas law.

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Revised: 06/17/2009; 08/18/2016 01/21/2021