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The Function and Purpose of the Review Committee

The Program Review Committee (PRC), whose primary focus is the Comprehensive Academic Program Review, is an integral part of the Academic Program Review, Planning and Development process.

The PRC is a JCCC standing committee composed of two faculty members elected by each academic division and three members appointed by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

The PRC assists programs in achieving continuous quality improvement by maintaining focus on student success, faculty involvement, currency and relevancy. Each year the PRC will assess all Comprehensive Academic Program Review submissions and provide constructive, formative feedback to participating programs. After review, the PRC will solicit comments from the individual programs to ensure that the process was beneficial. Programs may submit a written response to the feedback provided by the PRC as well as provide final edits of their submissions prior to the final deadline.

Division representatives to the PRC may also be a resource to programs in Annual Planning and Development. Refer to for a current list of PRC members.