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Assessment Training Documents

  • Assessing in Canvas - PDF

    Canvas offers several assessment tools you can use to track and improve student learning in your courses. By following the steps in the Assessing in Canvas PDF, you will enable the functionality of student learning assessment in Canvas allowing you to monitor student progress across outcomes and target interventions to improve student learning.

  • Assessment Plan — PDF

    General Education Assessment Plan

    Planning, Implementing and Reporting Student Learning and Institutional Learning Outcomes

  • Defining Mastery, Progressing, Low/No Skills for Assessment — DOCX

    A companion to the "Determining Levels of Mastery" video below.

Assessment Worksheets

  • Planning Worksheet - DOCX

    The Planning Worksheet is provided as a tool to help departments prepare and discuss information that will be added to the Assessment Module in Strategic Planning Online. This form is not required, but it is helpful in formulating the materials to be updated in the Assessment Module.