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All JCCC Faculty Members

Whether full time or adjunct, all JCCC faculty members share in the responsibility to provide quality education for our students. The development of curriculum, implementing delivery formats, and crafting engaging activities are strategically designed to enhance student learning. The assessment of Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) is the part of our responsibility to provide quality education that allows us to measure the results of our efforts and the opportunity to reflect and design methods to continuously improve what we do as faculty members. The end result is enhanced student learning. By continuously improving the quality of the education we deliver, the communities we serve will have a more sustainable future.

All JCCC Departments, Programs and Divisions

Faculty members working together as departments, programs and/or divisions are embracing assessment as a tool to ensure that JCCC’s credit offerings reflect our institution’s mission. Faculty members recognize that assessment is an ongoing process that focuses on understanding, documenting and improving student learning.

Assessment, Evaluation and Institutional Outcomes

The vision of Assessment, Evaluation and Institutional Outcomes is to support departments and divisions to assess student success and make evidence-based decisions for continuous improvement of student learning. In his role as director, Dr. Michael Brooks provides leadership and services as a resources for assessment activities at JCCC.

Assessment Council

Working with the director of the Office of Assessment, Evaluation and Institutional Outcomes, activities of the office and the council will include:

  1. identify, create, schedule and deliver training programs and materials necessary for each of the academic departments and programs to be successful in their assessment efforts;
  2. develop and implement strategies to facilitate ongoing faculty and student awareness of Student Learning Outcomes and the assessment process;
  3. provide oversight of assessment award/recognition programs;
  4. help develop and deliver ongoing training;
  5. critique the assessment process.

Executive Vice President/Chief Academic Officer

Mickey McCloud, executive vice president/chief academic officer, provides dynamic leadership and an insightful vision to all members of the Academic Branch of this institution. He demonstrates his belief that continuous quality improvement of JCCC’s Student Learning Outcomes and quality outcomes assessment are key to the success of JCCC’s academic branch.