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Goals of Program Review

At Johnson County Community College, Academic Program Review, Planning and Development allows program faculty and staff to lead a purposeful and continuous cycle of improvement through two related processes: Comprehensive Academic Program Review and Annual Planning and Development. Both the comprehensive and annual processes are integral parts of an overall institutional evaluation, planning and development process with the following goals to:

  • Ensure that academic programs remain focused on student success and serving the needs of the community;
  • Increase coherence of academic program development and innovation;
  • Enhance the quality of academic programs by assessing program strengths and challenges;
  • Align academic program needs and campus priorities with the planning and budget process; and
  • Ensure that program priorities are consistent with the college's mission and strategic plan.

Resources for Program Review

Resources for completing both the Annual and Comprehensive Program Review are available in the Program Review Software in the “Resources” section. These resources include handbooks, examples, and other materials. 

A link for logging into Program Review can be found on your My JCCC page under JCCC Links. If you are a registered SPOL user, you may use your JCCC login information and password. For questions or issues related to logging into Program Review or navigating the software, please contact the Office of Assessment, Evaluation and Institutional Outcomes.

The Academic Program Review Handbook can be found in InfoHub.