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Part-time regular employees who are regularly scheduled to work twenty (20) hours per week or more in a part-time regular position shall be eligible to receive four (4) hours of personal annual leave (PAL) time per month for each month worked per year. In determining the accrual of PAL time, the fifteenth (15th) day of the month will be considered the vesting date. An eligible employee beginning on or before the fifteenth (15th) day of the month will be granted accrual for that month, and an employee beginning after the fifteenth (15th) day of the month will not. Employees may use their earned PAL time in lieu of time off without pay for holidays, vacation or sick leave in accordance with the schedule they are normally assigned to work. PAL time leave must be scheduled with the employee's supervisor according to procedures established through the Office of Human Resources.

An employee eligible to earn PAL time may carry forward a maximum balance of twenty-four (24) hours of annual leave each fiscal year. A separating employee or an employee changing assignment within the college to a position not eligible for PAL time will be paid for unused accrued PAL time up to the accrual limit at the current rate of pay at the time of separation or as may be provided in an approved exception. An eligible employee changing assignment to a full-time regular position eligible for vacation leave may opt to carry forward his/her annual PAL time balance as vacation time or may elect a lump sum payment, as provided in this policy. Such compensation shall be in one settlement.