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JCCC accepts military training and experience for prior learning credit at no cost to the student.

In order to have your prior military credit evaluated, you must be enrolled in classes at JCCC. Credit for prior military training and experience is posted to the student academic transcript once six credit hours have been completed at JCCC. Be aware that any credit awarded by JCCC for prior learning experience will not be transferable directly from your JCCC transcript to other colleges and universities.

JCCC offers two methods of evaluation of military training. Your education goals will determine which evaluation will be of most benefit to you:

If your objective at JCCC is to earn general education credits to transfer to a four year institution or to complete pre-requisites for a JCCC selective admissions program, we recommend that you choose to have your DD214 evaluated. You will be granted four hours of physical education credit for completion of basic training. To apply for physical education credit complete the Prior Military Credit Request form (PDF) and submit it along with a copy of your DD214 (member 4 copy) to the Veteran Services office.

If your objective at JCCC is to pursue a degree or certificate in a field of study that is related to your military training and experience, we recommend a full evaluation of your Joint Services Transcript.  To apply for a full evaluation, request your Joint Services Transcript online and contact Veteran Services to inform us of your request.  Requests that are received without a JCCC application on file cannot be accepted.

Please contact Veteran Services for more information on prior learning credit for prior military credit.