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The JCCC does allow for excused absences due to military service if the student follows the required procedures stated in the attendance policy.

We advise students to work with their professors and the Counseling Center regarding whether or not they will be able to complete the class, if they should take an incomplete, or withdraw.

If a student withdraws from classes for active duty training and is using VA education benefits, that information can be reported to the VA if the student completes the Notice of Schedule Change Form and provides a copy of the active duty order paperwork.

Additionally, a student who withdraws from classes for active duty can request a tuition refund by completing the tuition refund appeal process. A copy of the active duty order paperwork will be required with tuition refund appeals.

Students who are absent as a result of jury duty, subpoena, a religious observance requiring accommodation, required military duty, or activities where they are required to represent the College must give at least a one-week advance written notice of the upcoming absence to the faculty member. Students shall be accorded the opportunity to independently complete course work or work of equal value for the authorized day(s) of absence, and/or to take a scheduled exam at an alternate time determined by the faculty member. Failure to provide the one-week advance written notice of the authorized absence may result in loss of the opportunity.

Students called to active military duty will be allowed readmission to continue their program of study after their service is complete. Students in selective admission programs will be readmitted in accordance with each program’s specific readmission requirements, which are available in the program office. In addition to the above requirement to notify faculty for each course during which such absence will occur, students must also provide written notification and documentation of the call to active military duty to any program chair. When reapplying to the program, students should inform the program chair that they are a student returning from active military service.