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Financial Aid disbursement and refund process.

Accepted financial aid for the term protects your enrollment on the payment deadline, IF you have no unsatisfied requirements.

Financial aid will disburse or "pay" to an eligible student who:

  • is enrolled in the necessary number of eligible credit hours (eligible means required on your degree audit)
  • has accepted their financial aid package online
  • has all financial aid requirements satisfied
  • is in good academic standing for financial aid
  • is in a program that has a financial aid eligible major

See our Refunds and Direct Deposit page for more information, including dates as they become available for an upcoming semester.

Financial Aid = Dining Dollars

Did you know you can turn your financial aid funds into JCCC Dining Dollars?

Your pending financial aid funds can be turned into Dining Dollars for you to use for dining here on campus! Federal financial aid funds such as loans and grants are used to pay for educational expenses, including meals. Depending on the amount of your financial aid, JCCC can load excess funds into your Dining Dollars account. You may be able to use funds for other campus charges too, including on-campus child care and bus passes.

After you have accepted your financial aid offer, contact our office to see if you are eligible. The request must be completed before your financial aid is disbursed for the semester.

Disbursement Process

In most instances, financial aid funds will be disbursed (applied to pay your account balance) after the start of the semester. If there are any excess funds, this is known as a financial aid refund. Please review the refund dates posted each semester.

Some exceptions, listed below, could affect the timing of your refund:

  • Incorrect address - If you need to change your address, please submit the Change of Name and Address Form to the Student Center. Having an incorrect address on file may delay the time that it will take to receive your aid.
  • Late-start classes - If you're enrolled in late-start classes, the disbursement of your funds may be delayed.
  • Certain Federal Regulations can also affect disbursement.
  • Changes in enrollment - If you withdraw from any of your classes after the beginning of the term, you may be required to repay a portion of the funds you received.
  • Non-attendance - If you don’t attend the classes for which you receive financial aid, you may have to repay the funds you received. You won’t be able to get an academic transcript or re-enroll at JCCC until you’ve finished repaying that money.

Disbursement and Refund Calculation Example


Financial Aid Package (found on the "Financial Aid & Scholarships” card on MyJCCC; click the “My Financial Aid” link, select the correct Aid Year, then go to Offer)



MINUS Student Account Balance (tuition plus other charges, such as book advance funds used, minus any payments)


$ 600

 EQUALS Refund Amount