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Photo of this facility

The WLB has indoor and outdoor welding labs, used primarily by Railroad students.

WLB Floor Plan

(gray shading indicates storm security areas)
(red arrows indicate exits)

Room locations for WLB

WLB Emergency Response Plan (PDF) detailed emergency instructions with storm security locations.

During a weather emergency individuals should seek shelter in the interior most portion of the building away from exterior windows and doors.

WLB Storm Security Areas

  • WLB 121, men's and women's restrooms
Emergency Response Plan
Look for the red and white stripe for emergency information.
Report all campus emergencies to the JCCC Police Department.
  • Dial 913-469-2500.
  • 913-339-6699 TDD/TTY
See the Emergency Response Plan for instructions.
  • Evacuation
  • Fire-Smoke-Explosion
  • Campus Violence
  • Illness-Injury-Accident
  • Weather Warnings