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JCCC has more than 5,000 free parking spaces in lots that surround the buildings on campus.

Parking areas and emergency phones

  • Parking areas are white and indicated by the letter P
  • Emergency phones are indicated by blue circles

JCCC campus map

Accessible entrances

The full-size PDF parking map offers additional information on the location of elevators, automatic doors and underground accessible entrances.

Parking garages

JCCC parking garages are located near the Midwest Trust Center (Formerly Carlsen Center; CC on map), the Classroom Laboratory Building (CLB) and the Regnier Center (RC).

Galileo's Garden Parking Garage

The multi-level parking structure connects to the second floor of the CLB.

Galileo's Garden Parking Garage on the south side of the JCCC campus.

Regnier Center Parking Garage

The Regnier Center parking garage connects to the lower level of the RC.

The Regnier Center Parking Garage on the east side of the JCCC campus.

Midwest Trust Center Parking Garages

Parking garages are located to the east and west of the Midwest Trust Center.

Midwest Trust Center north entrance. Parking garages on the east and west side of the building.