Enrollment Policy 311.01

Johnson County Community College
Series: 300 Students
Section: Registration, Assessment, Auditing and Scheduling Classes

Prior to the beginning of each semester or session, students must enroll for courses according to the Enrollment Dates and Deadlines set forth on the College's website. Enrollment is not considered complete until the student has paid tuition and fees or when other payment arrangements have been officially authorized by the Financial Aid Office or Bursar’s Office. Students with past due obligations to the College cannot enroll for courses until such obligations are resolved to the satisfaction of the College.

Exceptions to Enrollment

The College reserves the right to deny enrollment, temporarily or permanently, to any individual who has violated the Student Code of Conduct - 319.01 and is currently suspended or expelled from the college, who is not making academic progress, as defined in the Academic Standing Policy – 314.06, or when the College is unable to provide the services, courses, or programs needed to assist a student in meeting their educational objectives.

Repeating a Course

No student may enroll in any course for the third time without approval of the academic department. Grades and credit for repeated courses will be determined in accordance with the College’s Grade Information procedures.

Date of Adoption:
Revised: 06/16/94, 01/15/2009, 04/17/2014