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The Advanced Placement (AP) Program offers college-level courses and exams that you can take in high school.

Taking AP courses and exams in high school could give you an advantage in college by letting you:

  • Earn college credits before you even set foot on campus. In fact, most AP students who enroll in college start school with some credit.
  • Earning credit or placement can open-up time on your schedule or even let you graduate early.
  • “AP” on your high school transcript shows colleges you're motivated to succeed, and taking the exam demonstrates your commitment to tackle and complete college-level work.
  • Earning college credit with AP can give you the flexibility to change majors, pursue a second degree, study abroad, or seek internships.

The Advanced Placement tests are administered in May to high school students in their junior or senior year. Official score reports should be forwarded by ETS (Educational Testing Service) to:

Johnson County Community College
Records Office
Box 41
12345 College Blvd.
Overland Park, KS 66210

To request a copy of your score report, visit the College Board's AP page.

Once received, the Records Office will keep your AP scores on file. To have those scores converted to JCCC course credit, please email the JCCC Records Office at or call 913-469-8500, ext. 2436.

Note: JCCC course credit is not awarded for AP scores unless a student initiates this request.

CEEB-AP Examination Minimum Score Accepted JCCC Course Equivalency and Credit Hours
Art History  4 ARTH 180 Art History: Ancient to Medieval (3cr) and ARTH 182 Art History: Renaissance to Modern (3cr)
Studio Art - Drawing - -
2-D Art and Design 3 ART 124 Design 2-D
3-D Art and Design 3 ART 127 Design 3-D
Biology 3 BIOL 121 Introductory Biology for Non-Majors (4cr)
Biology 5 BIOL 135 Principles of Cell & Molecular Biology (4cr)
Calculus AB 3 MATH 241 Calculus I (5cr) or MATH 231 Business & Applied Calculus I (3cr)
Calculus AB subscore on Calculus BC exam 3 MATH 241 Calculus I (5cr) or MATH 231 Business & Applied Calculus I (3cr)
Calculus BC 3 [MATH 241 Calculus I (5cr) and MATH 242 Calculus II (5cr)] or MATH 231 Business & Applied Calculus I (3 cr)
Chemistry* 3 CHEM 124 Gen Chem I Lecture (4cr) (see * below for possible lab credit)
Chemistry* 5 CHEM 131 Gen Chem II Lecture (4cr) (see * below for possible lab credit)
Chinese Language and Culture - -
Computer Science A 3 CS 134 Programming Fundamentals (4cr)
Computer Science Principles - -
Economics - Macro 3 ECON 230 Principles of Macroeconomics (3cr)
Economics - Micro 3 ECON 231 Principles of Microeconomics (3cr)
English Language & Composition 3 ENGL 121 Composition I (3cr)
English Language & Composition** 4 ENGL 122 Composition II (3cr)
English Literature & Composition - -
Environmental Science 3 EVRN 130 Environmental Science (3cr)
French Language and Culture 3 FL 140 Elementary French I (5cr) and FL 141 Elementary French II (5cr)
German Language and Culture 3 FL 120 Elementary German I (5cr) and FL 121 Elementary German II (5cr)
Government and Politics: Comparative - -
Government and Politics: United States 3 POLS 124 American National Government (3cr)
History - European 3 HIST 130 European History Since 1789 (3cr)
History - United States 3 HIST 140 US History to 1877 (3cr) and HIST 141 US History Since 1877 (3cr)
History - World 3 HIST 152 World History: Modern (3cr)
Human Geography - -
Italian Language and Culture - -
Japanese Language and Culture - -
Music Theory 3 MUS 141 Music Theory: Harmony I (3cr)
Physics C - Electricity and Magnetism 4 PHYS 221 Engineering Physics II (5cr)
Physics C -
4 PHYS 220 Engineering Physics 1 (5cr)
Physics 1 4 PHYS 130 College Physics I (5cr)
Physics 2 4 PHYS 131 College Physics II (5cr)
Psychology 3 PSYC 130 Introduction to Psychology (3cr)
Research (Capstone) - -
Seminar (Capstone) - -
Spanish Language and Culture 3 FL 130 Elementary Spanish I (5cr) and FL 131 Elementary Spanish II (5cr)
Spanish Literature and Culture 3 FL 130 Elementary Spanish I (5cr) and FL 131 Elementary Spanish II (5cr)
Spanish Literature and Culture 3 FL 230 Intermediate Spanish I (3cr)
Statistics 3 MATH 181 Statistics (3cr)

*Students who receive a score of 3 or 5 for AP Chemistry must submit their AP Chemistry lab book for review by the JCCC Chemistry faculty, who will determine if the student receives CHEM 125 General Chemistry I Lab (1cr) or CHEM 132 General Chemistry II Lab (1cr).

** May receive both ENGL 121 & 122 with a score of 4 or higher.