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Glucose Testing Simulation Kit

SAFingerStick® gives students a comfortable, high-quality, realistic blood draw and glucose testing experience while protecting a standardized patient's hand from puncture.



For learners of all levels, the SAFinger® overlay model can be used to:

  • Train for performing blood finger punctures
  • Teaching how to use a glucometer
  • Demonstrating the process of obtaining glucose data during simulation

The most realistic finger stick and blood glucose testing product on the market, SAFinger® overlay fits over a mannequin or standardized patient's finger. Reusable and disposable SAFinger® overlay adapts easily to individualized educational needs and allows you to use your own glucometers.

The SAFingerStick® kit includes:

  • Three reusable SAFinger® overlays
  • Three 2-oz. mixing bottles
  • Clear, detailed instructions on how to use SAFinger® overlay and mix customized "blood" solutions

SAFinger® fill procedure

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